I am a mom of two beautiful children. Before becoming a mom, I studied and worked in the film industry for over 15 years, developing a skill set of sorting through thousands of photos/videos while doing research, and eventually overseeing art departments.

As a mom, I found myself using this expertise to craft heirloom memories of my children. I created elaborate baby books, and later assembled my preschoolers’ yearbooks. From there, I branched out to designing yearbook pages dedicated to other parents’ children.  When I eventually produced my first Bat Mitzvah Montage for a friend, I knew I’d found my true calling: “Montage Mom.” 

In today’s massive digital age, allow me to transform your child’s most precious photos and videos into a truly special digital family keepsake.  Trust me to dedicate myself to each project with the eye and heart of a mother. 

I will be your Montage Mom.